World Without End

by slim hunt

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released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


slim hunt Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Sunday Flag
Sunday Flag

Worse than burning, inertia churning
In turning headlamps glow
Spreading sorrows pile up tomorrows
While sunlight sheds its clothes
So like a train slow
Here’s all that we know
Leave all the rest low
And hang it just so

All I want to spell
Are sequences of shelves
That I call myself
Are you listening?
All I want to do
Is break the bricks in two
And stem the stripping blue
Eyes are glistening

For the sake of sighing
I’ll start by buying
Whatever madness I choose
Tied up inside
The squeamish get by
With nothing ever to lose
Still by reaching
We feed new teaching
Despite indifference of proof
Let the naming come soon

Down, down, it’s underway
Run unafraid

I’ll wave a Sunday flag
Woven from scores of rages
Cut on the shores of jags
Free from the frays and slag
I’ll wave a Sunday flag
I’ll wave a Sunday flag
Track Name: Ascent
-for Elizabeth Bishop

Heat and cacophony rising to meet
Your eyes and waking dreams
Pulsing freeways pushed to sound and speed
With steel and gasoline
Shaking sleep and stumble slowly look up
Horizon says you must
Time and mind have given wholly to trust
This world is serious

And with the nodding wind’s consent
These days in endless ascent

Water sand and stone commanded to bow
This steam will show them how
Shoulder standing on commodity
This life was meant for me

Every wasted step that flooded these streets
Have swamped necessity
Numbing undertows are crumbling to quit
Their words are desperate
Track Name: Overthrown

Night the city turned to rust
Dawn the moon moved under us
Dark I saw the city’s light
You, you lay down by my side

And when the seeds are sown
The weeds are overgrown
I will be overthrown

Fire we dreamed the world awake
Desire we took all we could take
Turn the earth moved under us
Burn the ashes came to dust

Driving hordes
Pound the doors
Ramparts from the night
Are torched and stormed
In the black
And burning sky
Where the dreams
Of love were written high
So high
Track Name: This Time
This Time

Late on horizons
The moon is dying
So tuck the skies in
And get goodbyeing
The arms are trying
To shake the tiring
While all the whiling
There’s no surprising

Sucking up stars the rain is something new and different
Slipping on cars and faces till they’re nonexistent
Steady and slow the pace becoming so persistant
While the fire’s alive now
Singing with backward breath the shadow so appealing
Speaking in whispered steps the moment too revealing
Slipping on words and promises that we are stealing
Still the night arrives on time

This time….

In shimming hollows
The season’s swallowed
And all that follows
Is left to wallow
So I won’t let go
Of what I don’t know
Although it comes slow
We gain tomorrow

The day’s begetting
Is my regretting
The clouds are jetting
And I have let them
Dibs on the betting
That we are settling
But hope is telling
And tides are ebbing
Track Name: Spinning

Slow and solemn, steeped in autumn
Grasses tall and distant calling
Moments paused in glades and gardens
Sunlight draws in, I go walking through….

Come what will
Standing still
Wait until dreams have slipped out
Nothing spent,
I’m scared of spinning down

Unforgiven, what is undone
If I’ve run from deeper motions
Still and sudden waves are coming
Memory stuns what I want to lose

Toeing the line and marching in time
Steadily climb to fall
Willingly blind to filling up time
Still what is mine is all
To the distant dizzy heights that lead me onward
Sleeplessly wound and wordlessly bound
Listlessly sounds are stalled
Waters of doubt are shallowing out
Sputter and spout to draw
In the air that carries breath again….
Track Name: Speed Feeding
Speed Feeding

This richness, it crushes
The fever, it rushes
Deep sleeping in windows
Lie dreaming backshadows
Sound washes in droning
The flood is atoning

The thunder is under me
Earmarking the shifting feet
The ground coughs and tries to breathe
Pushes the daylight free

The distance – impression
The motion – compression
Gravity – a warning
Red sunrise at morning
Flash photo is blurry
It won’t stop this early

So listen in whispers
The breathing quick quivers
The cities drink deeply
Speed feeding comes cheaply
The nightlights are bleeding
Desire is feeding.
Track Name: The Killing Kings
Killing Kings

Thunder in between the pennies and the dreams
Wonder what it means in secrets and in screams
Underneath the clouds, dripless at the seams
Moving full and loud, invisible to me.

Raining gravity needles in the sea
Pulsing hands and feet drowning in the deep
Rise up to be free, draw back down in sleep
Shadows never speak unless they need to plead

Seek the skybed shade
Alive inside the glade
Frozen low and far
Nestled in the stars
Seek the killing kings
The ghosts of nameless things
Blood-mapped books that rage
In memory and age.

Shake out the century to burn
Stand where the windlass starts to turn
Time to forget and to unlearn
Shake out the century to burn

Something small and true, a whisper at the moon
Infant crawl and coo, old men turning soon
The mission now is new, the world in full the crew
The timely venture due, at dawn we puncture through.
Track Name: To His Coy Mistress
To His Coy Mistress

Sunset blisters
Ma’ams and misters
Speak in whispers
Secret kissers

Angry and sick the world is sinking low
Come to me quick the dying candle glows
Seen through the glass the faces growing old
When life has passed no measure dreaming knows

Down time streamlines
Wheel grinds strip minds
Flinging fleetly
Singing sweetly

In an instant a trilling shudder comes
Scary the eyes that falter cold and numb
Against the night we’re sipping oxygen
Tugging the sky until we kiss the sun

White heat rising
Blue capsizing
Ships and tides sings
When arriving
Track Name: All Things Born of Rain
All Things Born of Rain

All things are born of rain
And tied unto the ground
Like cycles brushing slow
In opiates of sound
The airy feathered kiss
The verses lapping street
The hand in hand in arm
In arm in tongue and cheek
Slipping pangs of sweet

The paper tigered moon
The starry silver spoon
Is worth a cliché now
Romantic tragics soon
The secret window reds
And secret dreams of sleep
The oceans solid drunk
And bitter wells of deep
Nothing’s left behind

Deep earth, soaked in birth – it is worth my work
Bleeding, it won’t be easy release

The peppered treelight blue
Beneath the static sky
The slipping grassy green
That shimmers where it lies
Where golden waters weep
In seasonal dismay
The orange litter lips
Is drifting on its way
Thunderously come….
Track Name: Birds

In the deep midwinter scene
When the snows are blowing cold and mean
Across the snowfields there’s a light that I can see
Distant twilight stealing through the trees

And in the deep and still
Out here on the hill
The world will sleep for now
The birds have flow so long away
And dreams have little to say

The light casts slow across your face
Silhouettes and shadows consecrate this place
Many hands have bled in many season’s fields
To come into a space so sweetly filled

And I’m waking up to find
That the dreams are wholly mine
So I wait not for the time
Of ages past and lightning flash
There is no waiting to be hand
There’s nothing coming that hasn’t passed
I can’t see more beyond the glass